Villa For Rent In UAE


It’s All About Luxurious Villa Rentals In UAE

Nothing can be compared to the ultimate luxury of a villa than living in a small condo in UAE. If you’re habitual tasting luxury at every step of your life, don’t hesitate to move an extra mile with us as your all-time real estate advisors in UAE. I Wanna Properties operate with the prime fundamental of offering comfortable yet affordable spaces to people so that they feel relaxed always. Rent a villa in UAE and be yourself.

Villas are large home spaces equipped with more than the essential amenities in it. Stay comfortably as long as you wish to and enjoy every bit of it to the core. We work diligently with our real estate teams to offer you the best accommodations while you’re in UAE. Try visiting a sample villa for your satisfaction, and you’ll never regret renting it. Call us for any concern related to renting a villa in UAE, and we will rest assure each query will be answered by us. I Wanna Properties bring in some of the Best property options no matter whatsoever the challenges are. We build strong bonding with our customers as we believe in offering best accommodations to them for a long-term.

PROPERTIES in United Arab Emirates

80,000 AED yearly
Downtown Dubai
Apartment 1
165,000 AED yearly
Emirates Hills
Apartment 3
110,000 AED yearly
Townhouse 3
190,000 AED yearly
The Palm Jumeirah
Apartment 2
36,000 AED yearly
Al Taawun
Apartment 2
135,000 AED yearly
The Palm Jumeirah
Apartment 1
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