Property For Rent In UAE


Readily Available Rental Flats in UAE is a Current Rage

Are you seeking good property for rent in UAE? Well, I Wanna Properties is all set to cater to its customers from all walks of life for affordable property options. We are one of the largest real estate companies operating in the UAE and therefore, understand the fact how necessary accommodations are for those seeking to either purchase or take it on rent. The property for rent in UAE is readily available as per personal requirements. If you’re a single person, studio apartments on rent will server your purpose of staying comfortably in UAE.

However, if your intent to move to a bigger space other than a studio apartment is strong enough,condos for lease in UAE calls for best-suited options for you. We believe in taking our customers’ priorities seriously and give them accommodations they’ve always dreamt off all this while. The flats for rent in UAE offer all the necessary amenities including well-furnished kitchens and living rooms to name just a few features amongst other options. Be our guests and have us serve you with some of the best accommodations in UAE at pocket-friendly prices.

PROPERTIES in United Arab Emirates

135,000 AED yearly
Arabian Ranches 2
Villa 3
143,000 AED yearly
Al Barari
Apartment 1
120,000 AED yearly
Old Town
Apartment 2
170,000 AED yearly
Al Barari
Apartment 2
13,000 AED yearly
The Palm Jumeirah
Apartment 2
12,500 AED yearly
Jumeirah Village Circle
Apartment 2
100,000 AED yearly
Dubai Marina
Apartment 2
750,000 AED yearly
Emirates Hills
Villa 7
105,000 AED yearly
Dubai Hills Estate
Townhouse 4
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