Apartments for Rent in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates, the biggest city ranked by area and second most populous city in the country. This incredible city is mostly located on a T-shaped island however there are some suburbs based on the mainland. It is the center of political, commercial and industrial activities, but it is also a major cultural and educational center. Abu Dhabi is rapidly rising and developing into modern metropolis and one of the leading cities in the world, due to the high average income of its residents and continuous investments.

The overall progress has been reflected on the property market and as a result anyone can expect to find a suitable property that will satisfy all requirements and needs. Although there are various housing options for the expats, apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi are one of the most preferred and desired choice.

There is a wide variety of flats available for rent and they range from an average to super luxurious fully-furnished, un-furnished and semi-furnished. These apartments vary in size from studios, one and two bedroom apartments up to five and six bedroom apartments and they typically consist of a living room with dining area, open or closed plan kitchen, hall, various numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms, guest toilet and balcony(ies). Maids, laundry and/or store room can be also included in some big size apartments. Abu Dhabi residents who live in the apartments can also benefit from the building’s amenities such as swimming pool, fully equipped gym, reception area, parking, centralized AC and security and maintenance service. Although these facilities are expected to be provided within the building, there are still some older buildings that do not offer them to its tenants. If you are looking for the apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi, be prepared to set a budget in advance as the rents are slightly higher comparing to the neighboring emirate Dubai. For those who can’t afford quite high rental prices in this emirate, renting a studio or shared accommodation may be the good choice. On the other hand, the great selection of deluxe, spacious and comfortable apartments is available on the market for the wealthy clientele. Even though new or used furniture can be purchased at affordable rates, if you want to avoid a hassle of choosing and buying the furniture, you can decide to go for a fully furnished apartment.

The annual rent should be paid upfront in a form of a single cheque. If you are willing to move in quickly and not negotiate the price, rarely but still there is a possibility that rental amount can be split into two cheques. Additional costs include a refundable security deposit in the amount of 5% of the full rental fee for the unfurnished and semi-furnished apartments or 10% for fully-furnished apartments and agency fee which is usually 5% of the annual rent. To sign a rental agreement for an apartment in Abu Dhabi you will need a copy of your passport including residence visa page. Yearly rental price for mid-range studio apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi is between 45,000 AED – 55,000 AED, for a mid-range two bedroom apartment is 100,000 AED – 130,000 AED and for a highest standard four bedroom apartment is between 190,000 AED – 350,000 AED