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PROPERTIES in Springs 1


Springs 1 Over the years Dubai has become one of the most technologically advanced cities and also one of the most luxurious ones to live in. Yet, not all citizens of Dubai are fond of living in tall skyscrapers surrounded by the hectic pulse of the city. There are a lot of people who prefer a more pleasant and humane approach to living in a quiet and peaceful environment that is more connected to nature. The fact is that this could sound like an expensive and impossible fairy tale in the middle of Dubai’s desert. Fortunately, it truly doesn’t have to be that way at all.
Built in 2007, a friendly area and a pleasant neighborhood called “Springs” lives up to the desire of people who wish a community more suited to their simpler and peaceful standards. “Springs” comprises of over 4,800 low rise estates fitted with two or three bedroom modern housings that are inspired by the comfortable traditional Arabic style. The area’s make up is made even more wonderful by being covered with beautiful greenery and blue lakes. Every house has its private or shared backyard and swimming pool. The concept of sharing these spaces with others is what gives Springs the forename “friendly”.
Springs street and tranquility melt together to create one of the most suitable places for families with children within Dubai.
Here, parents can calmly leave their children outdoors to play with other children which is not always the case in the most of Dubai corners. The parents of Springs can have their children grow and educated in Dubai’s International British School located in Springs 2. The community of Springs is built with safety in mind and thus has a 24/7 security service at their disposal along with having all entries to the community gated.
This could create an image that Springs is in the middle of nowhere, however this area is just a couple of minutes away from Dubai Marina and JBR by car if you take Sheikh Zayed Road. In case you don’t want to go ‘that far’ you can still have it all there. This is one of the first self-sufficient areas in Dubai meaning that there is community center, a shopping mall, spa, and plenty of restaurants available for residents.
As mentioned in the beginning all this sounds like you need a fortune to calmly live here with your family or alone. Luckily for all current and future residents of Springs and unlike other areas in Dubai, Springs is an affordable place for living at a reasonable property price.
Villas can be found from AED 110,000 upwards. A 3-bedroom villa has been advertised for around AED 170,000 per year.