Properties in Sharjah - Apartments, Flats, Villas
United Arab Emirates


Sharjah Situated to the north of Dubai, the Sharjah City has established itself as the cultural capital of the UAE while being very well known for its vibrant cultural activities, family orientation and historical sites and amenities. City provides a wide variety of living options among the most abundant and available are its apartments for rent, while villas are still in the short supply for the time being. A large concentration of apartments can be found in the areas like the Al Nadha Sharjah, Al Khan, Al Qasemiya, Al Taawun and Al Mamzar. Sharjah is very well connected to Dubai and most of these areas are very accessible by car for those that need to travel to Dubai daily. The most popular apartments can be found in Al Nadha because of its closeness to Dubai. Rent amounts are lower in Sharjah comparing to Dubai and many expats choose to live in Sharjah and travel to Dubai for work on daily basis. Although this sounds as a good option due to the close distance of these two emirates, the traffic is an ongoing issue which can result in about 1½ - 2 hours drive in peak times. The rental villas in Sharjah are mostly unfurnished and they are not tied to any specific areas as they’re dotted around the emirate. They are often very spacious and range from 3, 4 up to 5 and 6 bedrooms and usually come with maid’s/laundry/driver’s rooms. Sharjah can easily be described as a growing cultural oasis which makes it ideal for families and those that want to find more affordable living option without the downsides such as bad quality, less comfort and convenience. There are some amenities in Sharjah worth of mention such as the Gold Souq, Smile You’re in Sharjah Roundabout, Mahattah Fort (now an aviation museum), Heritage District, Sharjah Heritage Museum and more. There is also the aquarium and the Sharjah National Park which covers an astounding 630, 000 sq ft of area.