Khalifa City A
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi


Khalifa City A Khalifa City represents a well renowned residential suburb, situated in the city of Abu Dhabi and divided into 3 neighboring areas – the Khalifa City A, B and New Khalifa City. All of these are under constant development and will soon rise into the completely new center of the Abu Dhabi. Khalifa City A is situated right on the main highway, leading towards Dubai, some 25 km from Abu Dhabi and very near the Abu Dhabi International Airport. The upcoming Al Raha Beach project is a new development that will encompass some 600-700 houses and numerous commercial amenities, as well as many international hotels. Khalifa City B is located inland, in the vicinity of Bani Yas and Al Shawamikh and the New Khalifa City is going to be set just between the Khalifa City A and B, according to plans. What connects these three outstanding areas is certainly their luxury and comfort. The value for price is extremely good and the whole suburb is fitted with numerous individual villas and compounds. There are over 2000 of stand-alone villas and rentals are modest in terms of price, compared to other areas. Privacy, good quality life and a peace of mind are all benefits of the lifestyle that Khalifa City provides. There is also a wide variety of different schools which makes it easier for families to live in a very comfortable and convenient environment. The accessibility of the location itself is outstandingly good, offering great mobility and connection to other important facilities and parts of the city.