Hydra Village
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi


Hydra Village Hydra Village represents a tiny apartment complex community situated in Abu Dhabi. This little community is very near the Abu Dhabi – Ghweifat International Highway and surrounded by the areas of Al Shahama Old, Alsha 'Biya and Al Shahama. Adding to the feasibility and living benefits of this apartment complex, a completely new outdoor Green Heart gym is now accessible to provide fitness and outdoor activities to its residents. This facility offers six gym stations, all completely family friendly, situated on the older outdoor community playground area, and perfectly meeting public health standards. It is a truly effective tool that instills healthy and fit lifestyle, encouraging Hydra Village's residents to work out and stay healthy. Green Heart is ideal for residents of all ages. Future plans for this peaceful little community include some additional greenery to help building pedestrian-friendly zone, ideal for some quality family time.


Apartment or villa for rent from AED 80,000
Villa for sale from AED 900,000