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PROPERTIES in Fujairah


Fujairah Fujairah is the only emirate in United Arab Emirates that has a coastline solely on the Gulf of Oman and nothing on the Persian Gulf, and is also unique as it has almost complete mountainous landscape. Population of the Fujairah is approximately 152, 000 inhabitants (as of 2009) and its weather conditions are seasonal, although, warm most of the year. Rainfall is also higher than in other Emirates (like Dubai and Abu Dhabi) which allows the farmers to produce one crop yearly. Well known the Hajjar Mountain and Ad Dayt cove are situated in this emirate. There are various plans for the future of Al Fujairah which include many upgrades such as the numerous tourism projects and developments. One of them is $817m Fujairah Paradise development in Dibba, with around 1,000 five-star hotels and villas, and the whole project construction is expected to be finished within two years interval. Building construction is a common sight in the Emirate of Fujairah. Businesses are growing as part of Sheikh’s plans to improve working opportunities for the local workforce and the Federal funds are diverted to the local companies. The Healthcare is a synthesis of the public and private system and locals have a free treatment at the federal government hospitals, while foreigners are obliged to pay for the medical care. There are also many government built clinics such as the Madena Medical House in Madab and Moresheed Medical House in Moresheed, locally known as the “medical houses”. The Thumbay Hospital, previously known as GMC Hospital, represents one of the private healthcare institutions in Fujairah. Schools in Fujairah are numerous; among them are many government schools, mainly for the Emirati nationals. There are also international schools such as the Our Own English School (also provides international General Certificate of Secondary Education), St. Mary’s Catholic High School, Fujairah, (also provides the GCE – General Certification of Secondary Education), Diyar International Private School and others. Amongst the other properties, there is a wide variety of residential units that have surprisingly high quality of each and every home and the refined lifestyle of the area. Apartments in Fujairah are available in all sizes and shapes, for different needs, some are ideal for families, some for single professionals. They are all available for rent and can be found for a great price, while fully answering all your needs. The top-notch luxurious villas with astounding views are also widespread in Fujairah, for those who wish to enjoy luxury and comfort of large, spacious homes. Surroundings of these homes are plain beautiful and breathtaking.