Akoya Oxygen
United Arab Emirates Dubai

PROPERTIES in Akoya Oxygen


Akoya Oxygen The Akoya Oxygen represents a brand new grand development located in Dubai, with serene greenery and amazing luxury community. Otherwise known as the Beverly Hills of Dubai and set away from city’s hustle in exceptional lush green surfaces, the Akoya Oxygen combines fines modern urban ideas with the most natural green ambience. Based on the setting of the area itself, the architecture is completely amazing and unique. Homes in Akoya Oxygen Damac provide the best lifestyle opportunities among all other Dubai’s areas. For people searching a lifestyle with an easy access to the important city areas, and still in the green sanctuary, the Akoya Oxygen offers some of the best villas at the nature’s hearth. The road system is more than practical and carefully designed, providing spaces for both bicycles and hybrids which helps the residents to live the life of adventure, with many outdoor activities. The area also offer wide variety of different important amenities and facilities and all that at the hands reach. Villas in Akoya Oxygen feature energy efficient materials, lighting, air conditioning and also the solar water heating systems.

There is a large selection of apartments and villas under construction for sale on our portal. If you are interested in apartments, prices that you can find on our site are:
396,000 – 595,650 AED for studio apartment, 553,138 – 1,250,000 AED for one bedroom apartment, 1,129,000 – 1,643,000 AED for two bedroom apartment, 1,449,000 – 1,700,000 AED for three bedroom apartment. As for the villas for sale, their prices are: about 625,000 AED for one-bedroom villa, 1,000,000 – 1,550,000 AED for two bedroom villa, 1,000,000 - 2,272,000 AED for three bedroom villa, 2,050,000 – 2,220,000 AED for four bedroom villa, 2,150,000 – 3,100,000 AED for five bedroom villa and 3,400,000 – 12,600,000 AED for six bedroom villa.