United Arab Emirates Ajman

PROPERTIES in Corniche


Corniche Holding more than 90% of the entire Emirate population, the city of Ajman is located along the Persian Gulf, just to the north of Sharjah and forms an urban area that houses companies, markets, banks and many local and international retail shops. There are several tourist attractions in the city such as the Ajman National Museum situated at Ajman Fort, the Red Fort and the museum in the inland enclave of Manama. The main airport in the emirate is located about 60 km east of the city in Al Manama enclave and it is expected to be operational in Q1 2019. Meanwhile, Ajman residents can use Sharjah International Airport which is only dozen kilometers away from the city.

Overlooking the Arabian Gulf and filled with numerous cafes and restaurants, the Corniche road (or Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Street) represents a 4 km long coastline which is a phenomenal, breathtaking place where families come to enjoy the sights, sea and picnic on the beach. Considering its beauty and importance in the city of Ajman, much of the emirate's social activities are centered on this area. Swimming in the sheltered tridal pool, a pleasant afternoon beach walk or enjoying barbeques and picnics are just a number of posible ways to fully experience the Corniche. Restaurants, such as the famous and well renowned, Attibah and Themar Al Bahar make this area a worthy to explore and enjoy.