Overview of Services

Our starred listing services on IwannaProperty helps you to sell or rent your property quicker.

You can upgrade your property to Home Page, Premium or Feature listings on IwannaProperty. These options give priority to your listings and increase interest in your property by highlighting your property with eye catching color sticker.

Generate 90% more online views and 45% more leads then standard listing.

Generate 65% more online views and 33% more leads than standard listing.

Generate 40% more online views and 15% more leads than standard listing.

Home Page Listings

Our Homepage holds 12 slots for homepage listings. Each time a visitors open the homepage, the ads position to display are chosen random from the set of the active Homepage Ads. Your ad will rotate on a regular basis with other Homepage Ads.

This ensures that each Homepage listing is shown equal number of time based on 30%SOV

Premium Listings

Receive priority the highest ranking classification.

Appear ahead of featured and basic listings on the search result page. On average, Premium Listings are viewed 65% more and capture 33% more leads than Basic Listings. Active 25% more views and 15% more leads then Featured Listings in popular communities.

Featured Listings

Receive priority ranking and appear ahead of Basic Listings.

Have your listings viewed 40% more and achieve 15% more leads than Basic Listings. Feature Listings are available with the following packages:


Desktop Banner
980 x 120 px / max 150 kb / Flash, GIF or JPG

Tablet Banner
980 x 120 px / max 150 kb / Flash, GIF or JPG

Mobile Banner
980 x 120 px / max 150 kb / Flash, GIF or JPG

Home Page Banner

Home page banners appear on the homepage of our website in between home page listings and are visible to all site visitors. By placing it at such position and with use of high-impact visuals and meaningful call-to-action messages you will ensure your banner is clicked every time. Home Page Banners rotate between upper and lower positions. Appears at 40% SOV based on the number of advertisers on this space.

Search Result Page Banner

This banner option is located where our visitors love going to the most: our Search Results Page. Whenever our visitors search our site for a property, they will end up in the Search Results page, and your banner will be displayed in between listings at 30% SOV. Search results page banner allows you to target all prospects searching within a specific community, section or city.

For more information, contact us on: info@iwannaproperty.com