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06 Mar 2018
Camel racing has been an important part of Arabian culture for centuries. The roots of camel racing date back to the 7th century and the early Islamic period.
20 Feb 2018
Dates are a very popular type of fruit especially in the Arab world. Apart from having a nice sweet taste, they have been used for centuries for their health-enhancing benefits.
13 Feb 2018
Serving “Gahwa” or Arabic Coffee to guests as a welcoming drink is a very important aspect of the Arab Culture in the Gulf region.
06 Feb 2018
Qatar is a small peaceful state located in the Arabian Gulf.
02 Jan 2018
Falconry has a very special place in Qatari culture. In Qatar, falcons are very much respected, admired and loved.
30 Nov 2017
Spanglish is the language created out of the contact of English and Spanish within the territory of the USA.