Are you the one of Freakebana enthusiast?

What is actually Freakebana?

The modern art trend of arranging the flowery foliage decoration called ‘Freakebana’ – and it’s pronounced “freak-eh-ba-na”.

Freakebanis are using whatever they have to sculpturing original and unusual art forms out of everyday objects with no strict rules of line and composition, but always with a dynamic mix of shape and colour.

Basically, you can be creative to gather anything and everything – from sprigs, fruits, vegetables, twigs, utensils or stationery – and arrange your assortment into a conspicuous form of weird and wonderful art composition.

It looks kooky, for sure. If you look closely you’ll find that a lot of thought and design actually goes into each part and they’re bizarrely attractive. Ugly-Cool floral trend is super economical as it uses minimal flowers and makes us think differently about the ‘less is more’ concept. 

Bizarre? Undoubtedly. But the budget-friendly trend makes the most of the minimal, and encourages us to get creative with items we likely already own.

So what are you waiting for? Get rummaging and get your Freakebana on!