Ajman – The Best Real Estate Market for Investors

Although known as the smallest “emirate” of the UAE, the city of Ajman has a fast-growing economy and quite affordable prices to rent or buy. It is located at the center of the Arabian Gulf Coast and is very well connected to the other parts of the UAE. It is an ideal home for families with children, couples, or young professionals, while at the same time, it is a great opportunity for investors. 


The rising demand for property in Ajman is triggered by the unique combination of the traditional and modern lifestyles, beautiful sandy beaches and peaceful neighborhood. Ajman will fascinate all those searching for the perfect little peace of mind away from the city noise.

Having recognized the great potential of Ajman’s property market, the state government allowed the freehold property ownership in certain areas of Ajman, which attracted many investors ready to invest in commercial and residential properties.

What makes Ajman particularly attractive to investors is the property price which is considerably lower than in Dubai or other “emirates”. For example, commercial or residential land can cost just 95,000 AED for 4,000 sqft area. For more information about prices in Ajman read here or check on www.iwannaproperty.com .

The city of Ajman should be considered as a very good chance for investment, especially regarding the fact that it is an astounding synthesis of both Western and Arabian lifestyles accompanied by simple yet modern cultural core, sought after because of good prices and great conditions provided by its government.