The 8 things to confirm before choosing the best real estate agent

Are you planning to sell or buy real estate property? The most important first step would be to seek and select the service of the professional real estate agent. There are several ways to search and shortlist the realtors that best fits to your needs. The easiest way is to look on internet or you can speak with your friends or family to select the best real estate agency in your city.


Few things that you need to check before making a decision


Primly and foremost, the agent or the agency should be accredited. Check for professional agent/company license.

The next thing to do is to request for references –  armful of them, specifically the ones for whom the agent has closed deals in the last several months.

Experience matters – therefore it is good to ask the person on how long has he/she been in real estate business and served customers in this city/country

Agent commission fee is something that you need to be fully aware of before proceeding ahead.

If you are a seller of property, you would need to know the marketing plan how the agent is going to advertise your property and how long will stay on in the market. This parameter needs to be compared with that of other agents. Without a plan in place, you cannot expect to get the right outcome. 

As a seller, it is important to check with the agent on his pricing strategy for your property and how well it pays off.

If it is essential for you, make sure to say to agent to provide necessary support and assistance in finding other related professionals like house cleaners, moving companies, real estate lawyers etc.

Lastly, as a seller or a buyer, it is evenly crucial to meet and interview prospective agent in person.


As a seller or buyer of a real estate property, it is important to hire a professional real estate agent than do the work all by yourself. The easiest way is to use the online websites to shortlist some of the best realtors in your city.